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Flashcards - Emotions

Flashcards - Emotions

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Emotions Flashcards designed to help your little ones understand explain their emotions and feelings. Illustrated by my son and designed by me. 

Includes 12 cards

A6 in size & printed on 350gsm silk cards and heavy duty gloss laminate film on both sides with rounded corners. 

Presented in a box.

Emotions Flashcards include: happy, shocked, angry, cheeky, excited, bored embarrassed, loved, confused, sad, hungry and thirsty. 


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Customer Reviews

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Emma McKinley

Have helped my little one recognise their emotions, brilliant quality definitely recommend these products

Kylie Gibson
Love love love

I Purchased two busy books for my kids age 2 and 3 ,also some colour and emotion flash cards. My 3 year old absolutely loved her busy book and kept her attention for ages . My 2 year old enjoyed taking all sticky labels off as hes still a little young but is slowly following his sister and picking up on how to use the book , he enjoyed the flashcards alot .I really wish the owner all the best in her buisness ive watched her alot on tiktok and can't wait to purchase more in the future .


My son just recently got diagnosed with xyy (Jacob syndrome) so these flash cards can help him tell how he’s feeling when he can’t get the words out and stops him from getting upset with himself

charis luke

My little girl loves this stuff. As soon as she got then. She starts to use the cards to communicate how she was feeling within an hour. She now comes up to me tell me “mummy I’m sad” etc etc. absolute game changer. I’d 100% recommend these to anybody. They are a huge help. I would also buy a routine pack if she ever made one. So children could organise their day and know what’s coming. It could have a wooden bar that had a slot for the cards saying “now, next, then” something along them lines cards fr bedtime. Story time. Teeth brushing etc as my child thrives majorly with a routine and when we lost it it to her. feel it could be a game changer for parents! I also brought the 2-4 year old book so excited for it to arrive x