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Number bonds to 20

Number bonds to 20

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Number bonds to 20
Three mats to help your children learn number bonds to 20 and apply their knowledge
Welcome to 'Number Bonds to 20', the perfect tool to help your children learn and apply their knowledge of number bonds. This fantastic product includes three durable mats, specifically designed for the purpose of teaching number bonds up to 20.

Our high-quality mats are made with 350gsm silk card, which is both sturdy and long-lasting. Each mat is also coated with a gloss film lamination that helps protect it from spills or stains while providing a smooth and easy-to-clean surface for your children.

Whether you're a teacher or parent, this product will be an invaluable resource in teaching young minds how numbers come together in pairs that add up to the magic number twenty. In addition, these mats can be used time and time again as your child's skills grow.

Invest in 'Number Bonds to 20' today and help build a strong foundation of mathematical knowledge that will benefit your child for years!

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